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Diaspora: A Conversation on Modern Soul Food Chapter 3


Diaspora: A Conversation On Modern Soul Food
3rd Chapter: April 24th at 7pm at Ida B's Table

A Chef's Dinner Series on the African Diaspora Featuring Chef DJ of The Loving Spoon Collective
This is Modern Soul Food. 10 courses featuring the future of African-American Cuisine.

Chef DJ is back in the Ida B's Kitchen with his own brand. When DJ was with us, Chef David Thomas always said that he was "the future of African-American cuisine in this city." The chefs will be creating a menu full of modern techniques that include (but are not limited to) playing with food on a molecular level, all the while sticking to the roots of where soul food comes from: the hands of the enslaved.

Chapter 3 is a true modernist approach to Chef David's signature style: Modern Soul Food.

We have an amazing team joining us of some of Baltimore's upcoming superstars.

Sommelier: Nicole Erica

Bar Manager: Alex Dang

Digestif: Kaya Vision

This series focuses on a journey through the African diaspora. Through Chef David Thomas's research, he has found that there is a story behind every dish. Chef's Thomas's mission is to show soul food in a different light and to cook it in the reverence that it is due.

Ida B's Table shows off soul food in this way, but in our daily operation, we are not able to branch out, collaborate, and experiment as much as we would like. This series is an opportunity to have conversations, learn, and listen to the African diaspora through the creations of Chef David Thomas and Chef DJ.

Earlier Event: April 23
$5 Happy Hour
Later Event: April 25
No Seremos Silenciados